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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Irrelevant content and lower ranking

As many new Google customised search engines are being created. These are getting included in my search engine at

However, many of these sites have a tendency to include irrelevant content on the same page as the search engine box. Not that it is wrong..It leads to the COOP search providing lower ranking to the sites with time. As more and more people will get these sites in their search results and find it irrelevant.Ok I will take an example to explain what i mean by irrelevant content.Consider the search engine at

It is a page about ski resorts. However, to the right corner they have put a custom search engine. When somebody searching for a search engine to find a "restaurant" or "entrratainment" enters the query this page will come in the results as it contains those words. However, since that person is not going to find it useful in most of the cases he will not use the page and go to the next result. This way that page gets a lower ranking. So if you include words or sentences irrelevant to what your search engine finds, it will lead to an overall decrease in your ranking in the long run. And since COOP search is a human parsed search engine, A lower starting score is given to those pages which contain irrelevant words and sentences.


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