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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

subscribed links-similar to RSS feed

With google customized searche engines you can have subscribed links. It is somewhat similar to getting RSS feeds from a site, only results from your search engine are the feed into google. You can ask people with similar intrests to subscribe to your search engine. When their search queries match those for your search engine, they will be taken to your results. This is very similar to Networks in Delicious.

You can create a subscribed link by going here.

So the more number of subscribers you have, the better. People can also subscribe to individual sites, however, the idea of subscribing to a CSE is more appealing as you can restrict your search field.Moreover, as their seems to be a limit on the number of subscribed links, it would be more beneficial to have a CSE, which in turn has a list of those needed sites.


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