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Friday, December 01, 2006

Venpund-google defined checker

Venpund can be described as a tool, that can be used to check if a set of words shows up positive results in the google search engine. If you tried absurdities like "Gunjipudi" you would not get any results in a sane search engine like google. But you need to check each word one after the other.Venpund seems to solve that problem. You can list out multiple words one after the other in separate lines and click on the find words button.

As soon as you click on the button, it filters out all the words that produce results. Only words that dont have any results will be listed in the bottom text box.However, Venpund is only for internet explorer. Moreover, it may not work from the web site directly. You need to save it onto your desktop before using it. The general problem you would face, is "host not responding error". This can be overcome by saving it onto your desktop.

I am not sure whether a google API for the same is available or not. The Venpund works by checking the size of the results page. If the size of the results page is lesser than "1600"bytes the assumption that it has no results is drawn. This seems to work fine....However, a server side script for the same from google would be a better alternative as all the browsers can then use it.

If you are wondering whats the use of Venpund, it can be used to find new words or names for one thing. But basically it will serve as a defined() function for the google search engine. I wonder if its available as a command line function as well on google. However, i did not find any devices that did the same job as Venpund and so i have put it up.Do tell me if it needs to be improved.If a API exsists for the same, inform me about it as well. I am in need of one such API.


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