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Thursday, November 30, 2006

CSE networks-advanced blog rolling

A very interesting new development with Google's CSE's is the formation of networks. A network search is very similar to blog rolling. Instead of providing a link to another blog, CSE networks include only one or two sites or blogs on a particualr topic. When a user searches for a particular topic he will be driven to that topic, but only to the site which has been included.

Each of the sites in the CSE network will have the search box and drive traffic towards each other. It can be compared to the ClikZ network. However, it is different in that one of the person generally owns the network.

This will surely lead to user monopoly. Each person will try to limit the search network to his own benefit. The same concept can be extended to create klog networks. To understand what a klog is visit

Take a look at the network of Daniel Malewitz. It has as many as 9 volunteers with 34 sites being searched. Try the keywords such as Google in this CSE and most of the results will be from within 2 or 3 blogs. Similarly, other networks are in the making at present. If you have created such Networks do let me know.

CSE networks may well increase adsense click fraud drastically. The bigger the network, the more is the chances of missuse. The network badges for these networks may soon become popular. Each of these sites will also display CSE network badges and encourage others to join the networks.


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