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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Klog your site-Connect it to your CSE

The method to klog your site can be found at

Just enter the first page of the results of your search engine for any query into the GOOGLE CSE klog tool and generate the KLog code for any text you input into the kloggenerator. It does not do any magic, it simply links your words to your Google CSE. If you want to allow user participation, allow the users of your site to add or remove sites from your google CSE. So the klog method has the flexibility to allow both the publisher as well as the user to control the linking.

It would be highly impossible to have grease monkey scripts for each and every site on the internet. However, each publisher can klog his site and allow for user modification of links only or the entire website. It does seem to be very much CHMOD777 or web 2.0. The klog is different from multiple tags in that numerous links or NHTML is adopted.You can lok at

to understand the working of NHTML.

Klogging compared
Criteria Klogging Auto link Smart tag Muliple tagging Grease Monkey
Manufacturer You Google Microsoft You You
Browser support Not needed Requires toolbar Only IE Not needed Only firefox
at present

Who can modify Both the user Mostly Google Mostly Microsoft Publisher only User only
where to link to and the publisher

Disabling Possible Possible Possible Not possible Possible
(Requires browser support)

Downloading Not required Tool bar needs only for IE Not required Required
to be downloaded

I do doubt if i am allowed to do such a comparison, as i am invlolved in the development of klogging. However, feel free to contradict any of these claims. Also it would be acceptable if further changes are needed to the concept of klogging, as it is still in BEta.


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