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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Why is it a search engine?

Yes why should it be a search engine? why not just a search tool or search app.

Wikipedia defines an engine as,"An engine is something that produces an effect from a given input. " So just because a search engine works based on a input is a good criteria to call it an engine.

Then why dont we call a mailing sytem as a mail engine. It has no wikipedia refrence. Is it just that the word became popular due to repeated use or is their any significance associated with it?To find the significance we need to find who used the two words together. Google does not provide an option to sort results by date.

A search for the oldest search engine returns as the first result. It claims to have been established in 1993. So assuming thats correct we need to find a reference that is older than that. Wikipedia refers to "wanderer" as the first search engine. So when did the word search engine catch on? rather difficult to track the history of a word on the internet. Hopefully wikitionary will make it easier to track words.

What could be more appropriate?
Rather than "search engine", one could use search 'anything else'. things like search spider, search agent etc.. Like all other engines, the search engine has revolutionized the web. The steam engine, increased the speed at which people moved from one location to another on the planet. The search engine speeded up the movement on the web.


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