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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Image SEO-Google images bombing

Image SEO is the use of search engine optimization tactics to make a particular image rank better in search results. The main methods to follow would be
  1. Naming the image file appropriately. If you want your image to be the first result for say "coop search", name the file "coop-search.jpg". I use the hyphen as space would be interpreted as "%20".

  2. The 'Alt' attribute or tag is used to contain the keywords. So i am putting Alt as "coop-search". Anyway Alt is not highly weighted these days.

  3. Related content-since a image will get a higher ranking when the content is related to the image, i should have better chances. Most of the content here is related to search and search engines.

  4. Longdesc(long description) can be used to give a detailed description of the image in another Html file.

So much for my image promotion. Can somebody google bomb a image? By that i mean to say can sites other than the one which originally hosted the image influence the results for a picture. This would amount to bandwidth theft and can be prevented. So the appearance of Images for a particular query is not actually google bombing as the search bots are unaware of the contents of the image.

Now to put my coop search image using all this info as below.The icon i use is the first customised search engines The next one is the bigger image. May be i will use that as a banner.
Coop-Search-searching customized search engines

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