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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Effect of Google "I am feeling Lucky" links on search engines

By "I am feeling Lucky" links i refer to a link to a website via google. Google search engine provides a button "I am feeling Lucky", by hitting this button the browser is directly taken to the page that appears as the first search result in google.Thus you spend less time searching for web pages and more time looking at them. The feeling lucky link uses this method to link to a website.

As an example if i wanted to link to a wikipedia i could link using to get a link with anchor text of Wikipedia linked as Wikipedia. If i were to use a i am feeling lucky link i would link using to get a link with anchor text of Wikipedia linked as Wikipedia.

You can find firefox greasemonkey scripts to do this type of linking. What if these links were added directly on the web pages. How would the search engine react to such links? Would this amount to Web Spam?Will this have any postive effect on the position of web pages in search results?

Since the link will be pointing to a google domain name it is possible that it will not get indexed. So will it be equivalent to a no follow link? However, since it has no referrer it could be used as a Dereferrer as well.

Will google give extra points to sites that use No follow link or google lucky links?

The no follow links can be linked to specific web pages while Lucky links link to only the first search result, so the chances of it being spam are reduced considerably!!.The disadvantage with no follow links is that they reduce the usefullness of search engines in some cases. It looks like this can be overcome to a certain extent using lucky links.

One could also use a Refresh link via google to link back to thier own site. Other dereferrer sites can also be used to do this.

To find answers to these questions and more let me do a test. As it would be a bad practice to target a query that can be used, i have choosen a the query "SEEATDUMMY1". If you know what is the effect of these links please do let me know.

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