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Friday, January 05, 2007

Moop Search-the meta coop search engine

When i first came up with the idea of Coop search it was as a "Search engine search". The idea was to fetch results from other customized search engines. This would be a meta a search engine. Google provides an option to subscribe to search engines, but it would be impossible to subscribe to all the "good" custom search engines.

You could subscribe to some of the search engines, you like the most but that would be limited in scope. So why not have a Moop search?

There are many reasons for that--that would mean that a scheme to choose the best results from the best search engines would have to be evolved. How effective this scheme or algorithm would be is difficul to acess. The choice to choose the search engine would be lost!!

Then again the description of each search engine could be provided along with the top result from each of the search engines. I plan to do that sometime. But that would involve the development of a scoring scheme and selection algortihm for the meta coop search engine.

If you want to add all the search engines as subscribed in your CSE, you could do that, but how effective would the scoring scheme be?


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