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Friday, December 15, 2006

Google filter-let me know what you think of it

Google filter is a module or gadget for google homepage. It checks whether a given word has google results.For example you want to know if words like "xetakey", "fetakey" and "metakey" have search results. Instead of tying each query one after the other you can use this module to segregate the words into those with results and those without results.

A earlier version of this is Venpund which works only for internet explorer. Google filter works on almost all browsers but this module can mess up sometimes when google reults come hapazardly or something.But it generally is fine if you try it again. If you know whats it with the code, do let me know. Mostly the IG_fetchcontent has to be used directly without the for loop.It works on a fairly simple logic, if the size of the results page is greater than "7000" it considers the result to be present.

you can add it your google homepage

Add to Google

and tell me how it performs and what use it found in your case. The idea is to be able to use this gadget to see how various CSE's will perform when filtered for words and various other modifications. This should be possible as soon as an option to add the url of the CSE is provided in the gadget. But there is concern as this may produce fake adsense impressions on that cse. So it wuld be better if CSE's without adsense can be run for such tests. It must be noted that google has such an option in that if you search using mostly.


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