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Monday, December 04, 2006

A world without search engine!

Just imagine how horrible it would be if the internet did not have any search engines. It would like having all the books in the world, but having no light to read them..Well thank god for having bestowed upon us the mercy of search engines. However, as i was wondering what would have happened to this world if search engines were not to be?

May be we would have to have huge link directories. But how practical would this be... Just think a list of all the sites in the entire world. It would be tremendously huge and may be even not practically possible..It could have been possible in a world that was many times smaller than the present internet.(pre-search engine era)

"Impossible" is said to be a word from the dictionary of lossers. So i thought of making this impossible directory of all the sites in the world. Just imagine a site that is linked to all the sites on the internet.As a n experiment to that regard i created a site for linking up to all the sites in the internet..(this is not a joke believe me). It may come in handy if search engines became non-functional or something ..More than anything else it will surely be fun. If you want your site listed just comment below and i will add it to a suitable "directory"

Although directories seem to be the way to go... it will be evident clearly from all those directory sites and link sites that a site or topic cannot be classified into a single directory. So it would be more meaningful if these were organised in some sort of a tag format..I start the proces of creating this List to be called the "Site list" or something more fancier i can come up with.

Take a look at the list of all the sites in the world.


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