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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Google sets - a step towards context specific search

Google sets is a new lab gadget that predicts a list of words that would form a set with a given set of words. For example if you gave "red", "green" and "red" as your list. The tool will predict items such as "yellow", "white" etc... So basically it is able to recognise all these are colors.You can look at a practical implementation of the same in a search engine at Kuchita. If you give a search query, the search engine suggests related words.

However, it has a come a long way from google sets to give personalised search and google suggest. The personalised search seems to be a good one as context is different for different people.Google suggest is also the same but it suggests words at real time as you type in words.

It is a advanced pattern recognition algorithm--yes--but still context is still more specific, as the same person may have to find different things at different times.You can also take a look at it has a interface very similar to google sets. But the algortihm seems to be different.

The program behind a bot is rather similar to this, except that it is more gramatically oriented... the order of words and their relationship with each other is of much concern.


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