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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Webinars, webcasts, Podcasts and Web Events Search Engine

Search engine Topics: Webinars, webcasts, podcast, web events, live events, on-demand events, streaming events, tutorials/training

Contribution:May be you can request them here

Results hosted at: Own site

What's Interesting: Really unique interface, they have used custom buttons to switch from one CSE to another. (it was dropped from google in favour of speed itseems) They have done a good job of integrating the content and classifying them in the various fields. (Hopefully i can run google filter on this one and do a more decent analysis of the classification scheme.CSE's still dont support this.More about google filter in the next post.Its the fully operational version of Venpund)

This search engine has the various boolean operators like "OR", "+","-" and also the quote operator.

" is actually comprised of 9 search engines, all specifically targeted toward helping users find any type of web event, web media and online demonstration."

It may help the people who did it to remember that everyone of us does not use 17 inch monitors. Many things get hidden. Especialy the Google ads..Its not good for buisness.

"You can try the query "seminars" at webevents search and compare it with google"-well i told this but it is as stupid as saying "seminar+seminar" in your google search.A better keyword could be "ajax"-seminar and the results would be at webevents search and compare it with google

Try it:


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks for listing for your users. Also, thanks for the feedback on the resolution issue. Definitely something we will consider modifying.

It is also important to note that your sample query, "seminars" is implied in the search engine.

The best way to find results is simply type the subject you are searching for. e.g. seo, ajax, photoshop, etc. It will find the proper training, web event, seminar, etc. based on the tab selected.

Thanks again.

12:43 PM  

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