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Monday, December 18, 2006

Live net music search engine

Search engine Topics:Live Music

Contribution:You can suggest a site by e-mailing them

Results hosted at:Own site

What's Interesting: A music search engine is a great idea- as it can cater to the specific custom needs of different listners. By restricting the search to limited numer of sites you can get really customised results. Live music search really does a good job of customising to specific needs.

The CSE claims to "Find live concert video, sessions, online radio and more" and the search result refinements include "BBC (online radio) Concert Videos Concerts (audio & video) Sessions Online Radio"

Along the lines of Mad for toys this CSE also has "instant search" option, which links key search results from the first page.(a very good example of klogging-look at the klog generator.)
You can try the query "Elbow" in Live Music search and compare it with Google.

Try it:


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