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Monday, December 18, 2006

My name is video- video search engine

Search engine Topics:Videos

Contribution:No explicit declaration

Results hosted at:Own site

What's Interesting: If you are wondering whats the point of another video search engine, when google is doing a fine job--yes but it takes ages to load--if you have ever tried it on something other than broad band.

The video search which gives text based results is a good alternative. And the greatest advanteage or dissadvanteage of this CSE is that its search refinements are rather unique-instead of searching by catagories like in google it searches by website as well.

They have also used google API's to show some images!!It would be better if they provided an option for showing previews of search results for those who want to see a preview. Something along the lines of Snap.

Along the lines of Mad for toys this CSE also has "instant searches" option, which links key search results from the first page.(a very good example of klogging-look at the klog generator.)

The search refinements offered by it are Movie Trailers, Music Videos, YouTube, News, MySpace, Funny, TV Shows, Free TV stations, Concert Videos

You can try the query "Harry potter and the order of the phoenix" in Live Music search and compare it with Google.

Try it:


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