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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Indian search engine

Search engine Topics:India

Contribution:No explicit declaration

Results hosted at:Own site

What's Interesting: The search engine provides an option to use adavnced search as well. But it seems a very ambitious search engine as India has mulitple dimensions to cover. The most likely way to go would be to get results from other smaller search engines using subscriber code in the XML code.
You can try the keyword "banglore" in the indian search engine and compare it with Google.

Try it:


Anonymous Admin@informationmadness said...

Thanks guys for the post. Thanks for the feedback. The other features are 'Interactive postal code search' on the map. As well as driving directions in India.

Your feedback would be appreciated as I want to make it more and more perfect indian search engine.

Thanks and keep it up

5:45 AM  

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