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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Google customized search-is it just advanced search with default options?

Google launched google Co-op so that everyone could roll out her own search engine!! But is it just the advanced search with default search results? Or does it offer much more. Using advanced search you can restrict the domain to search and it has been used by many to provide a search box for their sites, such as

that will search only that site for that query.You can also restrict which domain not to search. Yes however google seems to go crazy when you try to limit the search to two or more domains.May be the syntax is wrong but"" gives some really weird results.

And again with google coop you can save which sites to restrict the search to.

Search Refinements-Another thing with coop is that it gives search result refinements based on labels. This feature is not the only distinguishing feature though.Whats inside the google coop seems to be different.

Clearly google customized search seems to be a way to overcome competition from tagging services. You can not only search the sites you have bookmarked but also those which are present on google. (Subscribe to your search engine)You can do that by clicking on add my expertise to your search. Is this an example of "Evil", thats debatable. However, it is fact that you cannot add your delicious bookmarks to your google as a third party tool directly.

My definition of "Evil-Everything voned is legal", Eg:Microsoft provides operating system--everything produced by microsoft is accepted as legal(not a virus, trojan etc..). Everybody else has to get separate certification..So is has a search engine thats most popular..if you want to add third party tools you have to provide it separately, you cant add it to google directly. On the other hand you can very easily add modules to google homepage.



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