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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Google Loop-will it take the bait?

The idea is to link to the google results page with the search query as the link text. I have been doing this using the klog generator, but this is the first attempt to see its effect on search results. The words i have choosen are google loop and googleoop. Assuming google will filter out its own search reult links, i will also link to Live search(since its fairly new) using the links google loop and googleoop

You can help me in this experiment by
  • Copying and pasting the links google loop and googleoop (linking to these words using the same links as above). The first word had 29,600,000 results when i tried and the other one did not have any in google. And for live search google loop and googleoop.
  • Bookmarking the search results for the above in google using Delicious, Simpy or whatever it is that you use.
  • Spreading the word that such an experiment is on.
  • Use any (legal) SEO tactics you know to achieve the same results
Feel free to let me know of any related information.This is a experiment to see if google will loop on its own results or that of other search engines if particular keywords are google bombed to the results page(What i like to call klogging). I am doing with no evil intention and will remove this post if it is causing problems or against guidelines of any sort after going through such warnings if any.

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