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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Google customised search can be made Delicious

Ok i have been ranting about how bad it is that you cant use your google search engine with Delicious and so on. Zooie made a product that actually uses your delicious bookmark, you can take a look at his actual post Google coop just got delicious. The service he has created is at You need to give your login and password and also your cse id to generate the XML.
  • you can Add Just bookmarks with the tag you specify
  • search entire domain or restrict to only to what you have tagged using "*"
  • use an algortihm to decide the best tag etc..

As soon as you give these and sepecify the features of your search engine as in the cse page, you get the XML code. You can upload this XML to get a search engine with your Delicious bookmarks.

But again, it does not get updated if you update your its a kind of migrating service from delicious to google.I was hoping to make something along these lines for Simpy--i wanted to Call it Simpyfuge. Simpyfuge is supposed to use a simpy account and add these to your google results as much as you want. Hopefully this will not require you to upload XML give create a search engine etc..

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