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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Add your search query to the list

With the new add your search query feature, anybody can add a query they like to the blog. Just scroll down the sidebar and there you have text boxes to add your name and query.

As soon as you add the name and query the search query will appear in the recent query list along with your name. I hope to link these queries to coop search. Once this is done it will also be added to the Google module or gadget as they call it now.

The cse search page will also have this option soon enough. Although custom search queries should add the recent queries, i don't see it happening in the near future at least. To do that i would need to host the search at my own site and make changes as well.

The coop search blog now has the first position for the query coop search blog.And in the coming days may be anyone can add a search engine directly to coop search without having to mail or comment about it.

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