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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Add to blogspot button-widget creation and add button

With the new blogger you can allow fellow bloggers to add widgets that you have created onto their blogs. You can see the help pages at blogger help.

In this post i explain how i made a button to add the custom search engine search to your blog. The widget therefore is the search engine itself.The title i gave is "Coop search". If you are here to see what coop search is--It is a search engine to find other search engines. You can ind search engines built and customized for any topic.If there is known available you can make your own as well.

The widget is safe to use as far as my knowledge. It simply adds the code that google coop gives. You don't need to know any html or javascript to do this. Just keep clicking the buttons. And you are done. If you still have problems just comment below and i will get back to you.

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Indonesian blog search engine

Search engine Topics:Indonesian blogs

Contribution: They seem to have 20 contributors and cant add more.

Results hosted at:Google

What's Interesting:I came across a add to blogspot button, that seems good. You can add the CSE directly to your blog. It takes the HTML code as a widget. So you can add the custom search engine even if you have no idea about html.I added a add to blogspot button myself.I will explain more about how i created the widget to add to blogspot in the next post.

You can try the query "jakarta" in Indonesian blog search and Google.The refinements are given as below

More about the search engine can be found at -->DoIT - Denny on IT: Launching Indonesian Blog Search Engine

Try it:Indonesian blog search

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Java Search engine

Search engine Topics:Java

Contribution: [Volunteer to contribute]

Results hosted at:Google

What's Interesting:The best Java search engine in terms of the number of sites it will search.
You can try the query "package" in Java search and Google.The refinements are given as below
Forums & User Groups
Tutorials & Articles
Database & Persistence

The refinements seem to do a lot to help.

Try it:Java search

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Indian Classical music search engine

Search engine Topics:Indian classical music(Hindustani,carnatic)

Contribution:[Volunteer to contribute]

Results hosted at:Google

What's Interesting:Search as many as 49 different sites on Indian classical music. Try the query "Vatapi" in Indain classical music search engine and compare it with Google.The search refinements are given as below for "Vatapi"...vatapi ganapahti

Musical Instruments

A good help if you are doing some research work on music as well.

Try it:Indian Classical music search

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Add your search query to the list

With the new add your search query feature, anybody can add a query they like to the blog. Just scroll down the sidebar and there you have text boxes to add your name and query.

As soon as you add the name and query the search query will appear in the recent query list along with your name. I hope to link these queries to coop search. Once this is done it will also be added to the Google module or gadget as they call it now.

The cse search page will also have this option soon enough. Although custom search queries should add the recent queries, i don't see it happening in the near future at least. To do that i would need to host the search at my own site and make changes as well.

The coop search blog now has the first position for the query coop search blog.And in the coming days may be anyone can add a search engine directly to coop search without having to mail or comment about it.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Google through the ages-from 1998 to 2007

The Google search engine started sometime in 1998. The page format has not changed much! since that time. Although Google homepage is controversially the worlds costliest piece of real estate, it still remains simple and elegant. In this post i track the changing views of the homepage using the waybackmachine

The first page dates back to November 11th 1998. It has links to Google Search Engine Prototype
Might-work-some-of-the-time-prototype that is much more up to date.

Google search engine alpha version.
The first ever screen shot of Google would look something like the one below:

I wonder why the "!" is used so frequently. May it is some other character. But the interesting part is that way back then, they had people subscribing to to Google updates. And even custom search engines on Linux and Stanford.The I am feeling lucky button was there alright. A huge link to about Google.

The beta version had more links and looked as below:
Thats colorful. And a lot more links than the previous version.And making Google as your default was much more complicated than just clicking on a link.I will probably track Google further throught the years in my next post.

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Search the future-not black magic

No this is not black magic, it is the wonder of feed powered search. Rather than indexing the sites, the feed is indexed. With the "search the future" feature of bloglines you can get feeds for a keyword you subscribe to.

you can subscribe for the same at the following url, but you need to have a blog lines account for that.

In their own words -"Want to know when someone posts something you're interested in? Enter a search query below, and be instantly notified when a blog entry that matches it becomes available to you"

This apart it would be useful to get alerts when somebody starts using a new word. The service should filter out typo's and show only folksonomies. (Words created due to a need for that word)

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