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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Ranking your links-show how good a web page is

Google recently started to take int consideration ,the rel=no follow link. In their post in the Official Google Blog: Preventing comment spam they detail some of the reasons for implementing the no follow attribute. You can also find numerous articles that describe why it should or should not be done.

To put it in simple terms--When you link to a web page, you are giving it a score of 1 in terms of search engine score.But when you use the "no follow" tag, the score becomes zero. So spammers wont get the benefit of increasing thier search engine ranking. Since, the web site publisher gets the choice to give a value of 'zero' or 'one', it is but natural for him to have the ability to rank his link as well.

By ranking a link, i mean to say that you canprovide a numerical value specifying how good or bad a particular web page is. Yes even bad pages should be capable of being ranked. As of now no search engines honour the ranking of links. But inthe course of time it should become a default feature not only with search enginesbut also web publishing tools. Since we are addingit to the "rel" tag, the scoring should be doenas follows:

rel="score=2" for a positive score of 2

rel="score=-3"for a negative score of 3 etc...

Arguments as to the effectiveness of this are plenty. The rank tag will become more useful as we enter the era of personalised search. Your blog, mail,social network...etc..will be indexed to provide you with personalised search. When this happens, the use of scores will not affect the overall ranking of a website,just the ranking with respect to a particular person.

Other attributes may be added as time progresses. The process of ranking links can be automated to provide ranks to pages based on the domain name of the page. The various bookmarking sites like delicious are involved in collecting the opinion of different people on a particular web page, the use of scoring is hidden in these sites. Although different people have different scores on their tagged pages, it is hidden and is calculated based on various criteria. The idea of scoring web pages, is open in google coop. In the customized search engines, you can directly provide scores to sites. Thus, it is useful to score web pages directly in the links.
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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Google stops indexing live search

It is rather a surprise that finally google has stopped indexing Live search. In an earlier post about search engine indexing search engine, i had shown a screen shot to prove my point. Now the live search page does not appear as a result anymore.

Take a look at the googleoop - Google Search to see for yourself.

What is the reason for this sudden change? Is it only the algorithm kicking in late or something else? But they continue to index the various other things such as the ice rocket search engine, technorati etc..

They also index the various tagging services and aggregators. Is it too difficult to make out the difference or are these services faster than the google bot? Yes they are bound to be faster. After all its the wisdom of the crowds!!

That apart, the content stealors are better at the job as they generally parse through the XML only. It is indeed very difficult to index the web. The considerable size of the internet is to blame. The net is growing at a tremendous rate, propelled especially by the social networking sites that are exploding.

One piece of good news is that Orkut is not being indexed. But myspace is being indexed. So these social networks are having an impact on the search engines. Lets not forget bloggers here. The bloggeres are producing all sorts of search engine crap. The list could be engine link bombs, new word generation etc..

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Google result filter-filter irrelevant sites

The google result filter will see which queries have results on the google search engine and which do not. Using the google filter website you can remove sites from the search results.

So if you feel a site is nothing but spam, just add that to your list of sites to be excluded. You can take a look at the translated version here.
Translated version of

They make use of the google API to provide a personalized site filter. With the google coop search, this can be done effectively. It is a pity that the personalised search does not have the same feature. You can bookmark something to be excluded.
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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Why is it a search engine?

Yes why should it be a search engine? why not just a search tool or search app.

Wikipedia defines an engine as,"An engine is something that produces an effect from a given input. " So just because a search engine works based on a input is a good criteria to call it an engine.

Then why dont we call a mailing sytem as a mail engine. It has no wikipedia refrence. Is it just that the word became popular due to repeated use or is their any significance associated with it?To find the significance we need to find who used the two words together. Google does not provide an option to sort results by date.

A search for the oldest search engine returns as the first result. It claims to have been established in 1993. So assuming thats correct we need to find a reference that is older than that. Wikipedia refers to "wanderer" as the first search engine. So when did the word search engine catch on? rather difficult to track the history of a word on the internet. Hopefully wikitionary will make it easier to track words.

What could be more appropriate?
Rather than "search engine", one could use search 'anything else'. things like search spider, search agent etc.. Like all other engines, the search engine has revolutionized the web. The steam engine, increased the speed at which people moved from one location to another on the planet. The search engine speeded up the movement on the web.
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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Just Google it

I was searching for search results for and stumbled upon something rather intresting.

The sites claim to fame is "Someone thinks you are an idiot because you were too stupid to check Google before asking a question. They gave you a link to this site as a joke. The fact that you followed it pretty much proves the point. Hope that helps. Have a nice day"

You can take a look at it here.But in case somebody sent that link to you be sure to make them see the search engine nightmare. Google does seem to be least bothered about this situation.


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Search engine Topics:It will sugggest topics for you.

Contribution: You can try the Suggest.

Results hosted at:Own site

What's Interesting:If you are just wanting to find some random stuff. This is a good one. It suggests a topic randomly. You can even select one of the custom topics. The selected topic is then presented as a google search result.

Its presetly only having an english interface at present.

Try it:Suggestion engine

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Portuguese research search engine

Search engine Topics:Portuguese research search engine

Contribution: You can try the Suggest a site. Or in portuguese Sugerir um Site.

Results hosted at:Own site

What's Interesting:The site provides an option for adertisers to advertise on gooogle using adwords.And as itis becoming standard practice among CSE's to suggest few search queries.

To put in their own words "The ForumPME is a research engine that, through the personalization and management of a catalogue of sites with contents direccionados for Small the e M├ędias Companies (PME) Portuguese, attributes priority or restricts the research results, using the Google technology." Try the query "emprego" in forumpme and compare it with Google.
Try it:

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Saturday, February 03, 2007

search engine indexing another search engine?

The experiment i was trying as per my earlier post has paid off. Google will index the search results of live search. The people at live search mostly have not put a robot.txt file to their results. And what do we have. A wonderful result in the form of googleoop.To make it immortal i took a screen shot as well. It is the third result.

Google however will not index its own search results as might be expected. The only page that appears if you do sites restricted search for is the site itself. So no wonder it will not enter a infinite loop. Yahoo seems to be of the results though.

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